Sheertopia — The Roadmap To The Future

3 min readFeb 26, 2024


Sheertopia is a gaming 3D world where fun, creativity, and connectivity collide. The project is designed to be a disruptive force that can address the shortcomings of the existing gaming ecosystems while ensuring a sustainable future with growth for investors and users alike. To ensure a decentralized future for the project, Sheertopia is powered by a governance token $AMBO with a deflationary mechanism.

Additionally, the roadmap for Sheertopia has been designed considering the technological advancements and a prosperous future for the project, investors, and community members. Today, we will be looking at the milestones achieved and the upcoming launches and developments.

Roadmap — Sheertopia

2023 was focused on development and establishing market dominance and included several important milestones including a Website launch, a Seed investment round for Investors, and partnerships with several major advertising platforms, and blue-chip developers. Sheertopia also focused on establishing a social media presence on various channels such as Telegram, X, Medium, Reddit, and so on, and generating awareness about Sheertopia using articles and gameplay trailer.

Sheertopia also features on the UCL network via LivelyWorld TV Show and Binance Live with Evan Luthra. Focusing on development, Sheertopia integrated Polygon and Immutable functionality while launching the beta version of “Rise of Sheertopia” on Android. While 2023 was a crucial year for Sheertopia, 2024 will be more significant with a focus on reaching the target audience and releasing various tools and features, including listing on major cryptocurrency listing platforms and exchanges. Here is what to look forward to in 2024.

Phase 4 — Q1 2024

  • Support of Rise on Sheertopia on Vision OS
  • Confirmed Launchpad Listing for $AMBO Token
  • Confirmed DEX listing for $AMBO Token
  • Confirmed CEX listing for $AMBO Token
  • Rise of Sheertopia In-Game Airdrop
  • Pepe and Doge Limited Edition NFT Launch
  • Launch of Beta version of Rise of Sheertopia on Apple IOS Store

Phase 5 — Q2 2024

  • Launch of Sheertopia NFT Comic Book Volume 1
  • Launch of Web Mini Games (Crypto Clash Arena)

Phase 6 — Q2 2024

  • Second trailer of “Rise of Sheertopia” (RPG game)
  • Launch of Sheertopia NFT Comic Book Volume 2

Phase 7 — Q3 2024

  • Updated game features in Rise of Sheertopia
  • Launch of gameplay trailer for Lambo Run (play-to-earn and move-to-earn) beta trailer

Phase 8 — Q4 2024

  • Launch of Lambo Run (endless runner game)
  • Release of gameplay trailer for Rise of Sheertopia AR (RPG game) beta
  • Launch of Project Lambo NFT Comic Book Volume 3

Phase 9 — Q1 2025

  • Community votes for the next game in the series (Shooter, Builder, VR, Battle Royale)

Phase 10 — Q 1 2025

  • Launch of Rise of Sheertopia AR
  • Integration of VR within Sheertopia World

These are the developments planned for Sheertopia. However, with the technological developments and community growth, new features and launches will be scheduled to ensure continued interest in the project. Additionally, Project Lambo undergoes periodic checks and evaluations to ensure security for all users.

About Sheertopia

Sheertopia is a groundbreaking gaming world and ecosystem that seamlessly blends traditional web2 gaming with the emerging web3 domain. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including NFTs, AI, and AR, it empowers players to own and profit from in-game assets through a unique NFT sharing system.

With a strong emphasis on immersive gameplay and AI-driven learning assistants within the Education Centre Sheertopia redefines the gaming and educational experience. It offers brand/project owners the opportunity to integrate NFTs and shape unique assets, while NFT owners gain access to exclusive in-game items. Project Lambo is committed to equitable and transparent tokenomics, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem for all stakeholders.

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