Navigating the Token Economy: Insights into $AMBO Tokenomics

3 min readFeb 17, 2024


In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the reliability and success of a project are determined through its utility and tokenomics. While the utility of Project Lambo is evident, it is time to shine some light on the tokenomics of the governance token of Project Lambo — $AMBO.

The tokenomics of the $AMBO token is aimed at fostering growth and ensuring sustainability within the ecosystem. With the help of strategic advisors and by understanding the market, $AMBO tokenomics are designed to be scalable with the project’s growth. The demand of $AMBO tokens will continue to grow as the popularity of the project continues to grow, ensuring a beneficial future for the token holders. Let’s dive in a little deeper for the $AMBO tokenomics and its use cases within the ecosystem.

Decoding $AMBO Tokenomics

$AMBO is the governance token for Project Lambo designed to ensure decentralization within the project. The token holders of $AMBO will have governance rights and can help dictate the future of Project Lambo ensuring active participation and a sustainable future for the project.

Furthermore, the $AMBO governance token has a built-in deflationary mechanism where a small percentage of tokens are burnt each time they are sold. This mechanism will help in decreasing the overall token supply over time, ensuring the scarcity of remaining tokens. Here are the token details:

Note — 5% of the total supply will be unlocked and circulated for investors immediately following the TGE. This will be achieved using a smart contract function that will automatically release the tokens to investors’ addresses.

Additionally, the $AMBO Governance token can be staked to earn NFTs, other popular cryptocurrencies, and $GRASS (the in-game token) as rewards, adding more utility to the token. Project Lambo will be soon listing the token in major cryptocurrency exchanges and listing platforms to add more liquidity to the token. Stay tuned and join Project Lambo’s Telegram to stay updated.

Project Lambo is a revolutionary gaming ecosystem that utilizes disruptive technologies such as AI, NFTs, and blockchain technology to create an all-inclusive digital playground where everyone can grow, learn, and dive headfirst into gaming adventures to make a positive impact on the world.

About Project Lambo

Project Lambo is a groundbreaking gaming world and ecosystem that seamlessly blends traditional web2 gaming with the emerging web3 domain. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including NFTs, AI, and AR, it empowers players to own and profit from in-game assets through a unique NFT sharing system.

With a strong emphasis on immersive gameplay and AI-driven learning assistants within the Education Centre, Project Lambo redefines the gaming and educational experience. It offers brand/project owners the opportunity to integrate NFTs and shape unique assets, while NFT owners gain access to exclusive in-game items. Project Lambo is committed to equitable and transparent tokenomics, fostering a self-sustaining ecosystem for all stakeholders.

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